Our Call to Action

We continue to work hard to prevent violent conflict and to foster peace in our communities. We do this by ensuring that all members of society are engaged and participate in this. We believe that conflict prevention is possible if we work together. Therefore, we partner with governments, donors and civil society. For more detailed information of our work and our stories of impact visit our website.

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Thank you

Our donors are part and parcel of our efforts to build legitimate and sustainable peace as violent conflicts become increasingly fragmented and complex. We thank them for their continued commitment to the mission of GPPAC and for making our work possible.

GPPAC is especially grateful for the strong partnership we have established with the Dutch Ministry of Foreign Affairs and the Swedish International Development Agency (Sida). In 2019, thanks to the exceptional support of Sida, GPPAC was able to organise the first-ever Conflict Analysis workshop of its kind in Pyongyang. The rich contribution of the MFA enabled us to further strengthen our locally-led lobbying and advocacy, especially in localizing SDG16+.

Thanks to the ifa/zivik programme from the German Ministry of Foreign Affairs, a newly created group of peace champions in Uganda has successfully been preventing youth re-radicalization in the country.

2019 marked the end of an 18-month project funded by the United Nations Peacebuilding Fund in Kyrgyzstan which empowered Kyrgyz youth to become agents of change.

As testament to our collective efforts and commitment to peacebuilding and conflict prevention, GPPAC was honoured to be awarded the prestigious Luxembourg Peace Prize in July 2019.

Our Integrity System

Integrity and accountability are at the heart of GPPAC’s work. So we strive to conduct all our operations with honesty and transparency. In 2019, we started with setting up our integrity system to ensure ethical and responsible conduct throughout the GPPAC network and Global Secretariat.

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Financial Report

Balance sheet

as at December 31, 2019 (after appropriation of the result)



Financial Report

Statement of income and expenditure

for the year 2019

Financial Report

How we used the funds in 2019

With the support of the same donors, the income level in 2019 (€3,539,605) remained roughly the same level as 2018 (€3,289,733). GPPAC closed the financial year with a negative result of €16,088. Accon AVM Controlepraktijk B.V. audited GPPAC’s full accounts. We publish the audited accounts on our website

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Organisation & Governance

GPPAC International Steering Group

Organisation & Governance

GPPAC International Steering Group